Save daily on the night shift.

Are you looking for a way to save on your energy bills each month? We have a solution for you! With the EV Saver-12 plan, you can take advantage of discounted energy rates from 10pm to 4am every night.



Everyday Savings


No Hidden Fees


Charge Conveniently

EV Saver-12

Champion Energy EV Saver-12 Plan just makes sense

More than just skipping the gas pumps, your EV can skip expensive daytime and evening electricity. When you choose the EV Saver-12 and schedule your vehicle to charge between 10pm and 4am, you will plug into big discounts that take you farther for less.

The hottest savings under the sun
when charging overnight.


EV Saver-12 offers huge discounted energy rate for 6 hours daily, so you can run your essential appliances, and charge your EV at a fraction of the cost of the regular energy rate. You’ll get the same reliable energy delivery you're used to, but save big time on maximizing your electricity use during the night.


Save when charging your EV

Charging over night will reduce your energy consumption during more expensive daytime hours. Also, ensuring that your energy usage is more cost-effective and helping to lower your overall energy bill.


Why Choose Champion?

EVPln_Check_BulletPoint Pay less for electricity every night from 10pm to 4am

EVPln_Check_BulletPointMaximize savings by planning for your EV to charge over night

EVPln_Check_BulletPointNo monthly or minimum usage fees



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