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Whether it's how to reduce energy waste and saving money to understanding the type of market you are in, we've gathered the information here to help give you informed answers to your questions.


How to read the Electricty Facts Label (EFL)?

Whether you buy direct or via Power to Choose or a broker, you’ll encounter the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) or Facts Label for short. The EFL helps you cut through the clutter to avoid confusion that may come with choosing an electricity plan and allows you to do an apples-to-apples comparison between plans. Here are costs you can expect to see on your monthly bill.

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Variable Rates

Variable Rate History

Residential customers who do not renew at the end of their contract agreement are billed on Champion Energy's Month-to-Month Rate Plan. The rates for this plan varies by service area.

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Electricity Deregulation

Electric Deregulation

Deregulation in the markets Champion Energy serves has prompted countless consumers, like you, to exercise their legal right to select a Retail Electric Provider and electric plans that meet their specific needs. Learn more about deregulation in the states Champion Energy serves

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How To Read Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill

We want to make sure that you understand your monthly electric bill completely, and have created these detailed overviews, along with a glossary of key billing terms to address each item on your bill.

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Types Of Plans

Types of Plans

We want to make sure you understand the various plan types to choose from before you purchase them so you can make sure the plan you select works for you. Let’s walk through the most common plan types you’ll encounter here in Texas.

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