Payment Options

Payment Options

No one likes paying bills — the least we can do is make it as easy as possible for you.




Champion Energy offers several payment options to fit your lifestyle. If you pay with your bank or a credit card you can set up convenient automatic payments. If you prefer to pay last minute or schedule payments in advance each month you have additional options. We offer PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay. We’ve got you covered regardless of which method you prefer to use.

Payment Options

Automatic Payment Options

Pay from your Bank Account

Login below to set up recurring or one-time payments directly from your checking or savings account. You'll need to have your bank's routing and account numbers on hand to establish direct debit payments. This free service is available in Texas and Illinois.

Pay with your Credit/Debit Card

Login below to set up recurring credit/debit card payments, or to make a one-time card payment. This free service is available in Texas and Illinois.

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Same Day Payment Options

One-time Credit Card Payment

You can make a same day payment using your credit, debit or ATM card or an electronic check. Payments are applied to your account immediately, with no posting delay. This is a free service.


Call: 1.877.653.5090 or Pay Online


Call: 1.888.653.0087

Make a One Time Payment

In-Person Payment Options

Cash Payment

Payments by cash or pin-based debit card can be made at any Walmart, Ace Cash Express or MoneyGram location.


Other Digital Payment Options

Electronic Payment Options

You can use PayPal, Google Pay, or Amazon Pay. Payments made with these third-party services are still free and payments are applied to your account the same day. You’ll need your mobile number or email address and login details on hand to use one of these payment options. You’ll login from our secure customer portal.

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