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Take a dive into summer savings!

Sign up for the Champion Energy Summer Bill Relief plan for a 50% discount off your energy charges during the summer months and make your summer bills easier to budget.

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Hot Summer Savings

Hot Summer Savings

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How does this plan work?

As the name suggests, the Summer Bill Relief plan provides Texans with relief on their electric bill when they most need it – during the hot summer months. During the discount period of June through September, customers will receive a 50% discount on energy charges in the form of a bill credit.

Look at the sample bill details example to see the “Summer Bill Relief Credit”.

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The hottest savings in the hottest months.

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As temperatures rise during summer months so do residential energy bills. Longer days and warmer weather often lead to increased use of air conditioning, fans and other cooling appliances, driving up energy consumption and costs. You can eliminate the surprise of higher energy bills by signing up on our Summer Bill Relief plan. With this plan, you’ll receive a bill credit for 50% of the energy charges for the usage occurring in June – September. This means lower bills when your consumption is likely at it’s highest.

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Why Choose Champion?

EVPln_Check_BulletPoint 50% off energy charges from June 1st through September 30th

EVPln_Check_BulletPointEnjoy predictable energy bills during the summer months

EVPln_Check_BulletPointNo monthly or minimum usage fees


Summer Bill Relief Plans FAQs

The plan is available to anyone looking to switch to Champion Energy from another provider, plus existing customers may switch to this new plan when they are eligible to renew.

You can choose Summer Bill Relief for your next term when your current contract expires. Unfortunately, other products cannot be converted to Summer Bill Relief. Customers may renew on a new plan as early as 60 days from their contract end date, and the new plan will go into effect once the existing plan expires.

The Summer Bill relief period begins 12:00 AM on June 1st and ends at 11:59 PM on September 30th.

Any usage consumption from 12:00 AM October 1st through 11:59 PM on May 31st falls outside of the Summer Bill Relief period and is not eligible for the Summer Bill Relief 50% credit.

These will come in the form of bill credits applied to your account during the Summer Bill Relief months.

Customers who have high usage in June-Sep will notice a decrease in those summer bills. If your usage does not vary month to month, or you have high usage outside of the Summer Bill Relief period you could end up paying more. For example, if a customer’s home has electric heat the usage in cold winter months could be high, much like summer months. Since the winter months are not eligible for the Summer Bill Relief credit, this customer would likely pay more on the Summer Bill Relief plan compared to a standard plan. You can review your usage online in the customer portal or in the mobile app to see how your usage changes.