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When it comes to electricity service, we strive to be a champion for our customers. In fact, many of our customers were referred to us by their friends and family. Read some of the Champion Energy reviews below to see what our customers have to say, or add your own comments by sending an email to

Champion Energy Customer Reviews

Sabrina from Dallas, TX

I'm a super user for Champion. We own a lot of condominiums that we rent out and I give my referral code to all of our residents when they’re signing up for electricity. So, my electricity through Champion is super cheap because I keep getting all these referral codes. Every year, I have to get a W-2 from them because I get over $600 worth of free service from them.

Via: on May 15, 2019

Adriana from Humble, TX

So far I have had this company for 6 months for my apartment's electricity & the prices have been great! Every time I have called with concerns, they have been very nice to me. I love that they send weekly emails letting me know of my usage and how much I've spent so far. I definitely recommend this company!

Via: Google Reviews on Jan 22, 2019

Connie from Cypress, TX

My previous electricity provider was Reliant and they were very expensive. Champion Energy is cheaper. I've been with them for many years now and the experience has been great. The switch from Reliant to Champion initially was seamless too. There was nothing I had to do. I also like that I can pay online. Then their representatives are also on the spot. When I call, they take care of whatever problem I might be having.

Via: on Dec 7, 2018

Lori from Houston, TX

I renewed with Champion Energy after calling their customer service. I was given a great rate and appreciated the friendly assistance. Their rates are very competitive; their online billing statements are easy to read and I love the weekly home energy usage emails.

Via: feedback on May 2, 2017

Debra from Spring, TX

I have been with Champion Energy for several years. The service has been great and my electricity bills are VERY reasonable. I would recommend Champion Energy for your electrical service needs. Easy to sign up and easy to renew. The website is easy to use.

Via: feedback on May 2, 2017

Isha from Fairview, TX

Champion Energy is the best!!! I have the free weekend services and I have been saving lot of $$$. I love how they send you weekly usage in an email. It keeps us informed on when and how much energy was used. I was new in Texas and did not have an idea at first about all the electricity companies so I was doing lot of research and after reading all the great reviews of Champion Energy it did not take too long for me to decide to call them. Customer service is awesome. It was very easy to set up the contract with them. I saved $25 on my first month's bill after providing them the reference, which I thought was sweet.

Via: feedback on April 24, 2017

Dona from Cypress, TX

I switched to Champion two years ago when my provider increased the rate significantly at renewal time. I love having the fixed rate and not having to pay a higher rate because I use little electricity. I just renewed for another two years at an increased rate of 0.01 cents per kWh. I have never had one problem with the service or the billing. I don't think I have ever bragged on a electricity provider before.

Via: feedback on April 15, 2017

Marjorie from Tyler, TX

I've been pleasantly surprised with the prices & customer services. I have recommended Champion to a family member & she's now enjoying the lower prices & great customer service. Over the years, I've used several different energy providers & have sometimes been shocked at my bills. Thankfully, I have not had that experience with Champion. :)

Via: feedback on April 5, 2017

Destiny from Kermit, TX

The gentlemen I talked to was very helpful in explaining all points of my current contract and also informed me of a new and better plan. He was very kind and I appreciate his patience with me and my lack of knowledge in this area.

Via: feedback on March 25, 2017

Mary from Houston, TX

Champion Energy respect loyal customers, not chase away good customers like other Energy Providers. Champion Energy offers good rates to loyal customers when the time to renew. Also, Champion Energy has great service in billing that is easy to understand.

Via: on March 23, 2017

Betty from Corinth, TX

We've been with Champion Energy Services for several years now and couldn't be happier. Their rates are great and billing and customer service are top-notch. Anytime I've had need to call them they've always been very helpful and very courteous. I changed my elderly parents over to them a few years ago also and they're very pleased. As long as Champion is available in the area we live in they will be my #1 choice. Thanks!

Via: on March 23, 2017

Cassie from Richardson, TX

I have now been with Champion Energy for more than 8 months and the experience has been great! Amazing plans, rates, referral program, and regular usage reports. I definitely plan to stay with Champion for the foreseeable future. In fact, they already sent me an email for when I move with a direct link to set up service for another year. This company makes the consumer experience extremely easy and worry-free.

Via: Texas Electricity Ratings on September 6, 2016

Matt from Spring, TX

I signed a 3 year contract with Champion Energy Services. Their rates are the best I could find. Signing a long-term agreement means I don't have to worry about my contract ending and being switched to a month-to-month rate. This summer by bills are 25-35% lower when compared to last year using a different electric provider. I'm very happy I made the switch!

Via: Texas Electricity Ratings on July 19, 2016

Glauco from Richardson, TX

Excellent and transparent service, great prices. Very clear and accurate advertising. Very fast service setup and renewal online, without having to use the phone. I really appreciate that Champion kept the low prices also for my renewal (differently than other companies I used in the past), which allows me to save significantly on my electric cost. Thank you for your great service which I would definitely recommend and I look forward to continuing my business with Champion Energy.

Via: Consumer Affairs on July 23, 2016

Jane from Houston, TX

We are exceedingly satisfied with Champion and like the weekly usage reports and overall efficiency of billing. We have recommended Champion Energy to friends, neighbors and family members who have all been glad to know of the company, all have been pleased and have switched to your company.

Via: on April 17, 2016

Grant from Dallas, TX

Champion Energy is really a super company. I love the email's summary of use.

Via: on April 12, 2016

Cassandra from Richardson, TX

I just moved about 3 months ago and chose to go with Champion Energy because they are known for great service. I have the free time on weekends plan and it's awesome! I'm able to plan out my activities so that I can conserve and save during the week and do laundry, etc. on weekends. I also get free energy reports and energy saving tips every week via email, which are very useful. Plus, the cherry on top is the referral program, which is another easy way to save. I can honestly say I love this company and plan to stay with them indefinitely.

Via: on April 11, 2016

Michael from Fort Worth, TX

I just finished signing up in March 2016. The advertisement for Champion said great rates, great customer service, and no fine print. I can say my 24-month plan has everything they advertised and more!

What a breath of fresh air. I have no complaints at all. It's very easy to get in touch either by phone, online, or chat. They are right there. They do what they say they will do. What could be better than that? I like this company a lot and have referred all of my friends and family.

Via: on April 4, 2016

Kate from Houston, TX

I started with Champion almost a year ago and haven't had a single complaint yet. Their rates are very competitive compared to other electric companies. I am still amazed at how much my bills have gone down since I switched to Champion! They send you a weekly email that shows your usage of electricity. I love this tool. It shows you how much electricity you used each day and even breaks it out by the time of day. It is very user friendly. Customer service is very good also. When I first signed up, the representative I spoke to on the phone took the time to go through their plans with me and helped me find the best plan for me. There wasn't a long hold wait to get a hold of a representative either which was quite nice.

Via: on April 1, 2016

Londa from Dallas, TX

I just renewed with Champion again. In addition to outstanding customer service they offer extremely competitive rates. In today's economy it is nice to know that I can count on this company to offer great prices combined with great service. They deserve my loyalty.

Via: on April 1, 2016

Daniel from Tyler, TX

I just want to thank you guys because this is the first time I've felt like I haven't been taken advantage of by an electric utility. You guys had the only website that actually laid out what your cost was along with Oncor's delivery fee and gave an actual representation of what I was going to be charged. You also have the best prices giving me the cheapest bill I've had in years. Thank you so much! This has been a huge help to our family!

Via: on April 1, 2016

Les from Irving, TX

I have been with Champion going on 3 years. They are very competitive and the customer service is very professional, quick and easy to renew with.

Via: on April 1, 2016

Melissa from Corpus Christi, TX

Omg. This is by far the best choice I have made. They are amazing in so many ways. I have 3 accounts with them and I want everyone to know how great they are.

Via: on March 9, 2016

Evan from Cedar Hill, TX

Wow! I have been very impressed with Champion Energy. The customer service I have received from them was very professional. I love how I can get weekly emails to let me know how much power I have used throughout the week. The website is easy to navigate as well. This is my 2nd time I have been with Champion Energy and I look forward to keeping my business with them.

Via: on March 9, 2016

Cassandra from Richardson, TX

I just moved about 2 months ago and chose to go with Champion Energy because of their available plans and great reviews. I have the free time on weekends plan and it's awesome! I'm able to plan out my activities so that I can conserve and save during the week and do laundry, etc. on weekends. Everything about my experience so far has been great and hassle free. I highly recommend Champion Energy.

Via: on March 7, 2016

Sue from Tomball, TX

This is my second renewal and it couldn't have been easier, because they email you over a month before your expiration. We again renewed at a LOWER rate. I have never had a billing problem. And the referral program is awesome. Whether you use my referral code or find your own rate you won't be sorry if you switch.


Chris from Spring, TX

I think your service and prices are OUTSTANDING! We recommend you to everyone we know. I really like having the weekly report. Thanks for the care you have for your present customers. I have seen so many companies neglect their present customers and just salivate to get the new ones, whilst ignoring the ones they have. Not such a smart business move, as your yearly rewards have proven.

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Evelyn from Kingwood, TX

I think Champion Energy has done an excellent job to keep customers happy and maintain the impressive ability of excellence to its customers. I have had several offers from other companies with up to $250 to change providers; however, Champion has offered me the necessary support to retain me as a customer. Champion has provided weekly knowledge of bills to its customers providing an estimate of what one might expect for a monthly bill, keeps rates low, does not put customers on hold for long periods of time when trying to reach customer service, and does not charge outrageous fees for utilization of the services provided. I am a very happy customer since I changed to Champion from TXU and hopefully they will be able to afford us, as customers, the same amenities as present or better to continue to maintain satisfaction from their customers. I have no qualms about the provided services and completely satisfied with the services provided at this time.

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Ria from Rosenberg, TX

It took me years to change my electric company. Half of it was the nightmare stories I'd heard about billing gaffes and part of it was the inconvenience I imagine it would involve.

Neither turn out to be true when I switched to Champion. I have nothing but good things to say about them. So glad I finally took the leap.

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Courtney from Houston, TX

Just had a great experience setting up my electricity with Darryl. Thanks for making my morning that much easier!! I called two other companies with NO answer or full voicemails (how is that even possible??) I told him he won because he answered. Great service. Can't wait to do business with you! P.S. LOVE the renewable option. Clean energy!!

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Kyle from Waxahachie, TX

Champion Energy sends me this awesome weekly power report, graphing my power use across the previous week. It shows how many kWhs we use, how much that is costing per day, and other really cool numbers. Champion also allows me to purchase 100% Texas Wind Energy, which I do.

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Angie from Rockwall, TX

Thanks so much for reminding me to renew with champion. Just wanted to send quick note to tell you that whenever I get the renewal email from Champion that I NEVER think about switching to anyone. To everyone at Champion "y'all do a fantastic job"!!! CHAMPION SHINES!!!

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Laura from Dallas, TX

I made a call about my concerns with the jump in price of my electrical bill. As a newly subscribed customer, I had not yet established confidence with your company. Your customer service representative, Jose, was a perfect example of what a front-line employee should do when providing service to a customer. He was patient, calm, reassuring, and his voice indicated a true concern for my issues. Additionally, he took the time to educate me about finding information on the bill and how to get access to further information, such as Jose kindly and patiently directed me in finding pertinent information on the bill. His intonation never revealed any frustration with some of my inquiries since once again, the information was on the bill. Kudos to Jose for his professionalism; the extra time he took on this call will minimize or eliminate any potential calls due to the fact that I've been educated with resources for my questions, etc.---excellent job! With this one call, he served as a true ambassador for your company.

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Alida from Katy, TX

I would like to compliment one of your employees, Mary, in the Commercial Care department for the excellent service she provided me today. Mary helped not only me, but also an entire Homeowners Association of more than 250 residents by taking the time to call me to let me know that a crucial fax I had attempted to transmit several times was not transmitting properly. She could have ignored it or let me wait it out to see if my issue was resolved, but she took the initiative to promptly contact me personally and gave me an alternative solution… Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended.

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Annita from Santa Fe, TX

I actually look forward to getting the electric bill now. It's about a fourth of what it was when I was with Reliant!

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Danny & Michele from Sachse, TX

In this busy world, we rarely take the time to write a complimentary note to companies that provide excellent service. We wanted to take a moment to do that. We've been SO impressed with Champion's prices — just entered into our 3rd contract. The billing is always correct & easy to pay via internet. When friends have attempted to get us to switch over to another electric company, we rave about how Champion truly stands out in that vast field.

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Kathy from Dallas, TX

I have REALLY enjoyed my low electric bills both in the summer and winter months! Champion customer service has ALWAYS been so very courteous, helpful, and responsive. I love Champion Energy!

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Jimmy from Houston, TX

Champion has won me (again) as a client. I am impressed with your firm's customer service, transparency and competitive rate structure. But most of all you are local and I am proud of your success here. I appreciate the excellence you are bringing to our city.

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Aaron from Coppell, TX

As a former TXU customer and current (3 years and running) customer of Champion Energy, I can tell you that this is an Electric Provider that is committed to not only aggressive kWh pricing year over year but puts a "premium" on taking care of the customer unlike any other provider I have done business with. Champion is a company has its priorities in order! For those of you out there trying to figure out who the best provider is, go no further as Champion Energy Services is the Right Choice.

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Pamela from Arlington, TX

When I switched a couple years ago, it was an amazing difference in my bills. Never did I think I would ever see a bill less than $100.00 a month. Now I know my previous provider was ripping me off terribly for years and years. I will never go back! Thank you Champion and I do refer everyone I know!

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Carol from Spring, TX

I just wanted to let someone at your company know that Elliott & Ivan were a tremendous help to me and my family recently. I was traveling out of state for over a month making final arrangements for a death in my family when my purse was stolen containing my ID, credit cards, bank card and checkbook. I received a call from my daughter saying that there was a disconnect notice from Champions and that our electricity was in danger of being disconnected. Now I am sure that your employees must hear all sorts of stories from customers on a daily basis. There was no good reason that mine was any different, but your employees believed in me and truly helped me out of a "No Win" situation. I appreciate this type of customer service greatly and it definitely sets your company apart from your bigger corporate competition. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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Debbie from Pflugerville, TX

Extremely pleased with the rates and the service I have gotten with Champion....definitely tell friends about the company!

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Chris from Missouri City, TX

I have had a great experience with Champion Energy. I really appreciate the email I got that informed me that it was time to renew my contract. The provider I had before failed to inform me that my contract was up and I saw my rate more than double in 4 months time.

I got my neighbor signed up with you guys last year and he has been very happy as well.

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Sharon from Granbury, TX

We changed our power from ___ in May to Champion and we are so happy with it. Our bills have been much lower and the staff is always friendly and eager to help if we call for any reason. We have been so happy with it we have gotten two of our neighbors to switch from ___ to Champion and they even paid the early cancellation fee to do it. Thanks so much for providing such reasonable power, especially in a time when we all need the help!

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Jeff from Frisco, TX

I am not surprised that you guys were given an award for great customer service. I have had nothing but great experiences every time I call you guys. I had originally signed up and planned to switch after one year to get a better rate, but I will no longer be switching. Customer service is my highest priority when it comes to dealing with a business, and you guys are the best. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to being a long time customer.

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Tim from Carrollton, TX

I would recommend Champion Energy to anyone looking for an energy company for home or office utilities. The service is incredible and the employees must be well trained because they are the most accommodating in the industry.

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Denise from Sachse, TX

We are relatively new Champion customers but can tell you that we are incredibly happy with your company! There is no comparison to the other electric service providers we used prior to Champion—your customer service, rates, and professionalism are bar none the best in the industry.

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