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Tenny P. from Houston, TX

I love Champion Energy, because their rates are lower than all of their competitors. They don't add on extra fees to my TDU charges like some competitors do. Champion gives me the opportunity to save money on my ...read more

John B. from Fort Worth, TX

One of the reasons that we love and stay with Champion Energy is that we always get to speak with a HUMAN in the USA every time we call! It is comforting to know that our calls are answered promptly and ...read more

Donna S. from Katy, TX

When I have called your office (only a couple times), the Rep. treated me with respect and was very helpful. Great customer service! I also like receiving emails about my electricity usage and the cost for that month. ...read more

Charlotte S. from Keller, TX

Champion Energy goes above and beyond in customer care. They have surprised me many times by their devotion to customer education that is relevant to daily living. For instance, I have been so grateful to get the ...read more

Rita C. from Forney, TX

I know that Champion Energy Services will be reliable and cost effective. I also know that if service goes out due to a storm, I can always depend on our service to be back on in a hurry. That's important to me because ...read more

Steven G. from Houston, TX

My wife and I couldn't be happier with Champion. After purchasing our first home we were with a big company that advertises constantly and were very frustrated with cost and service. Once we were out of ...read more

Judy L. from Houston, TX

We love our energy bills! We smile as we pay the monthly bill. Our old energy provider charged absorbent rates. We were hesitant to move to a new provider as we were with the "big company." Great move indeed. We are customers for life!

Donald J. from Dallas, TX

Champion is a champion of customers! Proactively sending emails on usage helps to encourage conservation and helps everyone manage their usage. With the wide variety of payment options, you control ...read more

Umahmadsuhad A. from Arlington, TX

One of the many reasons I love doing business with Champion Energy is that any time I call they are there, and I hardly ever have to wait long to speak with a live friendly, outgoing person, unlike many other big ...read more

Jeremiah, from Fort Worth, TX

I appreciate the excellent customer service I receive from the last electric provider I will ever choose. My family gets a weekly summary of our power usage, which helps us be more diligent with how much ...read more

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Why Champion Energy?

  • Competitive electricity rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Live 24/7 assistance
  • Customer-friendly electricity bills
  • Financially secure electric service provider

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