Why Customers Can Relax With Us

Felicia A. from Tomball, TX

No hidden tricks when time to renew. Had electricity with another company previously and were constantly getting hit with hidden deadlines when time to renew which caused my bill to increase. ...read more

Bob K. from Lane City, TX

I love everything about Champion Energy! From the courteous personnel who I deal with on the phone to the excellent rates, on time renewal notices and freedom from all hassles. Couldn't be better in my book!

Amy G. from Waco, TX

I love the low rate and that I am ALWAYS notified well in advance that my contract is nearing renewal and exactly what my renewal rate will be.

Steve G. from Desoto, TX

No surprise when it comes to our bill. Weekly email of electric uses shows how much you care. When you call there is always an understand person that is helpful on the phone. The bill shows what you're paying and ...read more

William R. from Pinehurst, TX

The thing I LOVE most about Champion Energy Services is the fact that I am notified before my contract expires. I was with another provider before Champion and I did not know that my contract had expired and I ...read more

Michael R. from Houston, TX

I have been with Champion Energy for 3-4 years now and I am a happy customer. It is really easy to renew and you can lock in 45-60 days before your contract expires. I set up my bill to be charged to my ...read more

Benita B. from Dallas, TX

It was a BIG step for me to switch from TXU but once I did it, I have never looked back! I don't ever have any problems with Champion, you all let me know in advance when up contract is coming up for renewal ...read more

Cornelia B. from Cedar, TX

I love Champion because it makes me feel safe to know that I have service even if the power is out. I can feel relaxed because the cost is much lower than my neighbors with other carriers and I don't need to ...read more

Carl S. from Keller, TX

I've been with Champion Energy for 6 1/2 years, and during that time I have enjoyed your extremely competitive rates. You don't have hidden fees. You have amazing customer service. And, your customer ...read more

Greg K. from Klein, TX

I absolutely LOVE 'no hidden fees', your customer service team is AWESOME and always willing to help with any issue, and I LOVE the fact that you stand out above the rest with HONESTY! Thank you Champion Energy!

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Why Champion Energy?

  • Competitive electricity rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Live 24/7 assistance
  • Customer-friendly electricity bills
  • Financially secure electric service provider

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