Electricity Facts Label
Champion Energy Services, LLC PUC #10098
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CenterPoint Energy

Electricity Price
Average Monthly Use: 500 kWh 1,000 kWh 2,000 kWh
Average price per kilowatt-hour :
CenterPoint Energy 15.3 ¢ 14.8¢ 14.5¢
This price disclosure reflects the total average price for electric service including all applicable charges listed below and PUC Assessment , and is exclusive of state and local sales taxes.Your average price per kilowatt-hour will vary based on your actual usage.
Champion Energy Charges
Energy Charge (per kWh) Base Charge
10.5¢/kWh $0.00
Delivery Charges from CenterPoint Energy
(per kWh) per month
3.6876¢/kWh $5.47
Other Key Terms and Questions

Except for price changes allowed by law or regulatory action, this price is the price that will be applied during your first billing cycle; this price may change in subsequent months at the sole discretion of Champion Energy Services. Please review the historical price of this product available at www.championenergyservices.com/historicalprices/TX-Month-to-Month.html
or call 1-877-653-5090.
Disclosure Chart
Type of Product Variable Rate
Contract Term 1 Month
Do I have a termination fee or any fees associated with terminating service? No.
Can my price change during the contract period? Yes
If my price can change, how will it change and by how much? After the first billing cycle, it can change by any amount. The price applied in the first billing cycle may be different from the price in this EFL if there are changes in TDU charges; changes to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas or Texas Regional Entity administrative fees charged to loads; or changes resulting from federal, state or local laws or regulatory actions that impose new or modified fees or costs that are outside our control.
What other fees may I be charged? Please see the "Pricing", "Billing", "Billing and Payment Arrangements", "Failure to Make Payment/Delinquency Policy" and "Deposits" sections of your Terms of Service for fees not included in the recurring charges.
Is this a pre-pay or pay in advance product? No
Does Champion purchase excess distributed renewable generation? No
Renewable Content 16.4%
Statewide average for Renewable Content 19.1%
Champion Energy Services, LLC / 1500 Rankin Road, Suite 200 / Houston, TX 77073
Web: championenergyservices.com / Email: info@championenergyservices.com
Phone: 1-877-653-5090 / 24 hours a day - 7 days a week (closed federal holidays)
PUCT Certificate Number #10098
EFL Version: CNP-1-PN1067-20190722