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It's the end of the "electricity bill surprise"

What is Smart Track™?

Smart Track is a weekly home energy consumption report that puts the power of the smart meter in your hands. Customers with a Texas Smart Meter will receive detailed usage information, giving you the power to track and manage your electricity usage. Customers on fixed rate or time-of-use contracts will also receive an estimated projection of their monthly bill.


Features & Benefits

  1. See how your usage changes week to week, so you can make decisions on your electricity usage
  2. Eliminate the surprise of an unexpected high bill
  3. Monitor how your electricity use changes by day and by time of day
  4. Track the impact of temperature on your electricity usage (nearly 50% of your electricity bill is cooling and heating)
  5. Gain more insight online with access to daily, weekly and monthly graphs
  6. Manage your subscriptions to add family members, or select daily alerts

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