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Champion Energy's fixed rate plans are VERY secure.

Once you sign up for a Champion Energy fixed rate plan, we buy all the future power needed to guarantee the price we've promised you.

When electricity supply costs escalate dramatically due to rolling blackouts and/or severe weather, your champion is here to deliver price protection.

In 2008, several retail electricity providers closed their doors, and others had to sell their customers to more financially stable providers due to volatilities in wholesale markets. Fixed rate plans from these providers turned out not to be secure.

Switch to Champion Energy today and experience great rates and award-winning customer care from a financially stable company you can trust.

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If you have a question, we have the answer

It's human nature to ask questions, and we've compiled a list of answers to the ones Champion Energy receives most often. Our Texas-based customer care associates, including bi-lingual team members to assist Spanish-speaking customers, are also on hand to answer your questions.

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